Oneway Coring System setup by Steve Clark

Oneway Coring System.

From Steve Clark

I was looking into purchasing a coring system about the time you did a TTT video earlier this year, and based on what I saw, I ended up going with the Oneway system. One of the challenges I have being new to the system is planning out how to position the knives to get cores of consistent thickness and make the best use of a particular blank. To that end, I developed a tool using an Excel spreadsheet that allows me to interactively reposition the centers of the knives to help with the planning.


The attached pdf has two sheets. The first sheet represents the input screen. After inputting the diameter and depth of the blank, I work from the outside toward the center by selecting the diameter of the core (i.e. which knife to use) and play with the position relative to the face of the blank and the center of the bed. Once I have the cores placed the way I want, I print out a plan of the centers to take with me to the lathe (the second sheet).

Here is the spreadsheet I developed to help plan out cores. It’s still a work in progress, so there may be some glitches. If you are familiar with using spreadsheets, let me know what you think. I have all the cells except those required for user input locked, so you can’t inadvertently change a formula, but there is no password. If you’re not a “spreadsheet guy,” do you or Lee know someone who might give it a spin?


- Steve

From Dan Larson

Steve, What you have there I think could be helpful to members with the Oneway coring system. I used to just estimate where the knives would cut and Oneway has their method where you cut a spacer block to fit between the headstock and the cutter base so there are many ways out there. I am using a laser device that Dan Ernst made and it is very accurate and easy to use. Essentially you put a vertical pc. In the cutting tube and an arm on top holds the laser in position where the cutter would travel. Pretty simple and analog. I use it all the time.

Thanks for the PDF file. Maybe Lee could post it in the blog area of the website.

Thanks, Dan Larson

From Lee Luebke

I’m posting the PDF Steve sent and the Spreadsheet. Check it out and maybe someone can try it. You can send your finding to us with and email.  Steve

Dan Larson