SOLD -- Hold Fast Vacuum Chuck System

The Hold Fast system along with a compressor is all you need to set up a vacuum chuck on any lathe with a hollow headstock spindle and #2 Morse Taper. System is comprised of a dual venture vacuum generator which requires only 2.5 CFM between 55 and 65 PSI. The vacuum generator has a built in pressure regulator and vacuum gauge. The vacuum adapter passes through your hollow headstock to connect the vacuum generator to the vacuum chuck. The adapter's sealed bearing greatly reduces the vacuum required compared to other brand adapters with "leaky" unsealed bearings. The adapter features an 18" plated threaded tube which you cut to fit your lathe headstock. The 3" Vacuum Chuck Head can hold convex or concave shaped workpieces. Made of glass filled nylon with an aluminum mounting adapter and comes with two O-ring seals to hold convex or concave pieces and anti lock spindle washer. This system includes everything you need. Also includes a 6" Vacuum Chuck Head.

Note: A compressor is required. This package is for a lathe with a one inch,  8 tpi spindle. Adapters are available for other spindle sizes.

Cost was $306.99. This package was never used or installed.

Will sell whole package for $225.00

This video at the following link tells you just about all you need to know:

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