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Welcome to the Minnesota Woodturners Association (MWA) located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN.  Minnesota Woodturners Association ("MWA"), a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, exists to foster and encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of woodturning as a craft and art form, both traditional and contemporary, among the general public, hobbyists and professional woodturners, and to educate the general public and MWA members in the art and techniques of woodturning.


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President's Challenge

December 2015 Challenge

December 2015 Challenge

Ornaments!  If you are not ready for the challenge, consider the ornaments class in November.

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Improving your skills

The best way to improve your skills is to work with a great teacher

If you're thinking, 'I'd kind of like to take a Pro class, but I'm not good enough.'  Re-think it.  Everyone who has taken pro classes has had the same thought at one time.

MWA team that brings in professionals, vets each one so we know we are getting you a high quality professional instructor.

We vet these instructors long in advance of bringing them to you. This allows us to be sure we are getting someone who can teach to all, no matter your skill level.  The pros we bring in excel at teaching how to better your individual Woodturning Skills. 

Our pro events are an affordable way to take a class that will greatly enhance your turning skills.  MWA still charges less for pro classes than many other clubs.  This method allows you to avoid travel and lodging expenses and higher instructor rates, by not having to travel to the location of the pro's studio. 

There are still openings in the Al Stirt Class check out the Calendar for dates, times, and registration. If you are having trouble registering through  please contact either Janese Evans at  or Rick Auge at