MN Woodturners Association

Woodturners Association

Upcoming Member Challenges:

January 2017  Vase.  There will be both beginner and advanced turner categories.

February 2017 Cane / walking stick.

March 2017 Buckthorn turning. There will be buckthorn available at the Jan and Feb Meetings.

April 2017 Colored Platter (Kirk DeHeer will be doing this in the January class)

May 2017 Turning based on Steve McLoon demo at March meeting Turn it Square..

June 2017     6 point or rocker style box as seen in the Mark St.Leger Demo or classes.

July 2017  Hollow form.

August 2017  Off Center Turning.

Please start submitting challenge ideas to Jerry Ritter @

Sept 2017  End Grain Goblet  or other end grain turning, bowl, box, etc (Inspiration provided by John Schultz)

Oct 2017    Turning for beads of courage. 

Nov 2017  Decorated Platter, as seen in the August 2017 meeting demo.

Dec 2017  Holiday theme turning.  This would include any holiday from November through January.

2018 challenges are ideas presented by our membership.

Jan 2018  Happy New Year.   Candle Stick Holder, either a single object or a matched/coordinated set, e.g. see Rude Osolnik work;

Feb    2018   Object with feet or legs.
March 2018  Jewelry such as pendants, necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. As seen in the January meeting Demo.
April   2018   Object with one or more paper joint that has been turned, taken apart and re-glued.
May   2018   Toy, puzzle or game, wand, (magic wand, wizard's wand, Harry Potter inspired wand, etc)
June   2018  Open for suggestions